Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Understanding of how networks work Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Understanding of how networks work - Assignment Example ly works to classify and categorize information to supposed destinations; which were subsequently screened to the router switch for delivery of the packets to their intended destinations. The corporate firewall was identified to prevent unauthorized information to get in or to prevent classified information to get out. Further, the Internet was described as a spider web of interconnected networks where the packets travel to the intended interface. Another firewall was supposed to serve as a bastion of security that allows only the packets which meet the criteria to reach the interface or the web server where packets are finally received, opened, and unpacked to reveal the information that was sought in the first place. One learned that the process seemed to be complex initially; but when it was described in a clear and vividly simple illustration, those who use the networks are provided with a summarized and concise overview of how it actually works. One therefore understood why some information are not appropriately received and why sometimes, it takes quite a while before the information user seek are finally retrieved. The visual illustration provided an effective manner to apprise viewers of how the networks work in the simplest; yet effective

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